Why choose a sealer for your corten steel project?

Sealers are solutions which, once applied to surfaces, form a hard, transparent and protective film. They are essential in many fields, from arts and crafts to construction and interior design. Their main role is to protect materials against external elements such as water, UV, scratches and wear while enhancing their natural beauty.

How does sealer influence the durability of corten steel?

Sealer plays an important role in the durability of Corten steel, a type of steel designed to resist atmospheric corrosion better than ordinary steel. In its natural state, Corten steel develops a protective layer of rust when exposed to the elements. This layer of rust acts as a protective barrier that prevents continued corrosion, giving Corten steel its characteristic durability and unique appearance.

Applying a sealer to Corten steel can influence its durability in several ways. First of all, the sealer can protect the rust layer from erosion, especially in harsh environmental conditions or areas with high exposure to rain or wind. This helps maintain the integrity of the protective rust layer and extends the life of the steel.

Second, some sealers contain corrosion inhibitors which can further reduce the risk of underlying corrosion. These varnishes can be particularly useful in maritime or industrial environments where steel is likely to be exposed to more aggressive corrosive agents.

Finally, the sealer can influence the aesthetic appearance of Corten steel. It can either accentuate the natural color of the rust or give it a more uniform finish, depending on the type of sealer used. This can be important in applications where Corten steel is used for aesthetic reasons, such as in architecture or landscape art.

In summary, although Corten steel is already durable by nature, applying a varnish can provide additional protection from the elements, extend its lifespan and influence its aesthetic appearance.

How to use sealers on corten steel?

The correct application of sealer to Corten steel is an essential step to guarantee effective protection and an aesthetically pleasing finish. Start by applying the varnish evenly over the entire rusty surface using a roller, making sure to evenly coat the coat to avoid build-up or gaps. Initially, you will notice that the polish has a white color; Do not worry, it's normal. This white color is temporary and the sealer will become transparent as it dries, thus preserving the natural rusty appearance of Corten steel. After the first application, it is important to allow the polish to dry for approximately 12 hours to ensure complete adhesion and drying. If Corten steel is intended for exterior use, where it will be exposed to more severe weather conditions, a second coat of varnish is recommended. Apply this coat approximately 6 hours after the first, allowing the polish to form an even stronger barrier. Then let the second coat dry for another 12 hours. By following these steps, you will ensure maximum protection of Corten steel, while maintaining its unique and attractive appearance.

Where to buy sealers on the internet?

For purchasing sealers suitable for Corten steel online, a recommended option is to search for platforms specialized in products intended for Corten steel. You can find a variety of varnishes specially designed to improve the durability and aesthetics of this unique steel. Positive customer feedback in this area generally highlights rapid delivery and high product quality, ensuring satisfactory performance for a multitude of projects. Additionally, these platforms often offer helpful tips and information on product application and maintenance, which can be particularly beneficial for those who are new to processing Corten steel.