What is the best product for rapid and natural aging of metals?

A widely recommended product for rapid, natural aging of metals is one that is specifically designed as a "rust accelerator." These products are formulated to promote the rapid formation of rust patina on metals, creating an aged, natural appearance. There are several brands and types of rust accelerators on the market, so it is advisable to read user reviews and compare products based on your specific needs and the type of metal you want to treat.

What is Rust Accelerator?

Rust accelerator is a chemical substance that accelerates the process of formation of the rust layer on Corten steel surfaces. It is usually composed of hydrochloric acid and iron oxide. When applied to the Corten surface, Rust Accelerator triggers a chemical reaction that rapidly oxidizes the steel surface, accelerating the formation of the protective rust layer.

What are the benefits of Rust Accelerator?

Rust Accelerator is a product that can be used on a variety of metals to create a rust patina quickly and easily. It is particularly useful for those who want to give a rustic or industrial style to their project, without waiting the years necessary to obtain the same appearance naturally. Additionally, the reaction rate can be controlled to suit the user's preference for rust color and intensity.

Another advantage of using rust accelerator is that it evens out the color of the surface. When the protective layer of natural rust forms, it can create color variations on the surface. This can be problematic for those looking for a uniform finish for their project. Rust Accelerator eliminates these color variations, allowing for a more consistent and professional appearance.

Also, using Rust Accelerator can be a great time and effort saver for projects that need a quick finish. Instead of having to wait several years to obtain the desired rust patina, the rust accelerator makes it possible to obtain the same effect in a few hours. This is especially useful for short-term projects, such as event decorations or DIY projects that need to be finished quickly.

Finally, the rust accelerator can also offer protection against corrosion. Although the natural rust protective layer on Corten is beneficial in preventing corrosion, this layer can be thinner or more brittle on other metals. Using rust accelerator can help strengthen this protective layer, providing additional corrosion protection and extending the life of the metal.

How to use Rust Accelerator like a pro?

Using Rust Accelerator is simple and can be done by anyone with a little patience and care. First of all, it is important to degrease the surface if it has undergone cold rolling. If the surface has been hot rolled, it should be sanded to remove impurities. Then, it is advisable to shake the product so that it is homogeneous. It is also essential that the surface is dry before applying the product.

The rust accelerator should be spread evenly with a roller. It is important to ensure that the layer is even and does not contain drops. After 30 minutes, the surface will begin to turn blue indicating oxidation has begun. If there are uncolored areas, it is advisable to apply a second coat to ensure that the oxidation is uniform.

It is important to note that the product is acid-free and only corrodes the surface, without spreading in depth. It does not require the use of a stabilizer to stop corrosion. The corrosion of the surface will continue for two weeks and the orange tint of the rust will darken day by day to a darker shade characteristic of the rust.

It is also advisable to use a varnish to limit the risk of running on the floor and to prevent the Corten steel from decomposing if it is in permanent contact with humidity. The application time should be between 12°C and 28°C to obtain the best result. The yield of the rust accelerator is around 20 to 22 square meters per litre, while the varnish has a yield of around 10 square meters per litre. Drying time for Rust Accelerator is approximately 30 minutes, while clearcoat is six hours. It is recommended to wait approximately nine hours before applying a second coat of varnish.

How to recognize a high quality rust accelerator?

There are a wide variety of rust accelerators on the market, but how to recognize the high quality one? First of all, it must guarantee a quick and effective result in one hour on any type of oxidizable metal, in particular Corten steel, iron and raw steel. Also, a premium rust accelerator should not flake off once the rust has formed.

In addition, it must be acid-free to avoid the risk of burns for the user and environmentally friendly. The rust accelerator must also have an economical consumption, with a coverage capacity of up to 20 m² per liter of solution.

Finally, a top quality rust accelerator should be three times cheaper than competing products while delivering a reliable result. As a consumer, it is important to get the rust accelerator from a reliable company that guarantees the quality of the product. It is recommended to turn to sites specializing in products for Corten steel, such as Corten+, to be sure of having a high quality product.