What do you need to know about this metal treatment product?

Looking for an easy way to give your metals a dark brown or black look while protecting them from corrosion? The burnisher may be the ideal solution. This liquid metal product is simple to apply and can be used on a variety of surfaces, from iron and steel to aluminum and copper. In this article, we'll explore what exactly burnisher is, how it works, and how to use it for the best possible results.

What is the antiquing fluid?

Antiquing Fluid is a chemical used to give a brown or black color to certain metals, such as brass, copper, bronze or steel. Burnisher is a chemical solution composed mainly of acids and metallic salts, such as potassium nitrate, copper sulphate or sulfuric acid.
When metal is exposed to the burnisher, it undergoes a chemical reaction that changes its surface and creates a brown or black layer of oxidation. This layer can also improve the corrosion and wear resistance of the metal. This is why burnishing is often used in the firearms, jewelry, musical instrument and precision mechanics industries.

What are the advantages of the antiquing fluid?

The antiquing fluid has many advantages for treated metals. First, it improves resistance to corrosion and rust, which extends the life of the metal. It also offers protection against scratches, impacts and environmental damage, which can be particularly important in industrial environments. Finally, it gives a unique aesthetic appearance to metals, which can be particularly useful for design projects or artistic applications.

In addition, the antiquing fluid provides better adhesion for paint coatings or lubricants, which improves the durability and resistance of the metal to environmental conditions. Plus, it can be used on a variety of metals, including steel, copper, brass, and aluminum, making it a versatile method for treating different types of metals. Burnisher is also an inexpensive and easy-to-apply treatment, making it accessible to small businesses and do-it-yourselfers. Finally, it is environmentally friendly, as it uses less toxic chemicals and produces less waste than other surface treatment methods. In summary, burnishing is an effective, versatile, and economical method of improving the durability, strength, and aesthetic appearance of metals.

How to use the antiquing fluid?

To use the antiquing fluid, it is important to follow a few steps to get the best results. First of all, it is recommended to degrease the surface to be treated and clean it with a suitable degreaser. This removes any grease, dust or dirt that may prevent the burnisher from adhering properly to the surface. It is also advisable to let the surface dry completely before applying the antiquing fluid.

Once the support is dry, it is necessary to shake the product so that there is no longer any deposit in the bottom. This step allows the different components of the burnisher to be mixed correctly, which guarantees a homogeneous and uniform result. Then it is possible to apply the burnisher using a foam roller or a brush, depending on the size and shape of the surface to be treated.

When applying, it is important to be careful not to overload the surface with the burnisher. It is best to apply a thin layer of product to avoid buildup and unsightly marks. Once the burnisher has been applied, the product should be left to act for about five minutes. After this time, the surface begins to turn brown, indicating that oxidation is occurring.

It is recommended to let the oxidation finish naturally, without intervening. This may take several hours, depending on the type of burnisher and environmental conditions. After 24 hours, it is possible to apply a varnish to waterproof the surface and avoid stains. This varnish also protects the treated surface from water, humidity, dust and UV rays.

How do I choose the burnisher for my projects?

Selecting a antiquing fluid suitable for a range of metals such as iron, copper, bronze, pewter, zinc and brass is essential to achieving the desired results in your projects. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for many different applications.

This antiquing fluid is also suitable for indoor or outdoor use, allowing you to use it according to your needs. In addition, this burnisher is the only one without acid, which eliminates the risk of burns for the user. This makes it safer and easier to use than some other burnishers.

Another advantage of this antiquing fluid is that it guarantees quick results. In fact, it doesn't take more than five minutes for the surface to begin to brown and oxidation to occur. This speed saves time and allows projects to be completed more quickly.

But again, by using this product, it is no longer necessary to use other products to stop the oxidation process. Once oxidation is complete, the surface does not require further treatment. This simplifies the process and makes projects easier to complete.